Sakkie & Leandra Olivier and their children Kean & Lany loves Jesus and work with an Apostolic mandate. They are simultaneously entrepreneurial and ministry focused with a heart for people and the nations. 

Sakkie & Leandra are co-founders and the visionary leaders / senior Pastors of LCF (Life Christian Foundation) congregation in Vanderbijlpark. Sakkie birthed LCF spiritually in 1999 and LCF have grown since to a fully established congregation led by a Team of competent Pastors and Elders.

Sakkie & Leandra also founded HIS tours & ministries, a not for profit organisation that does Christian tours to Israel and other countries, and operate Christian retreats, facilitate mission groups and work on connecting and networking the International Christian community. 

Sakkie as an Entrepreneur is involved in a family owned enterprise and work with his brothers and father in several family owned bussiness that mostly focuses on wholesale of industrial, agricultural and commercial Tyres. 

Leandra is a stay at home mom taking care of the education of Kean & Lany, but leads both LCF and HIS tm with husband Sakkie. She is an intercessor, teacher and visionary leader for woman’s and other ministries.