Are you a young person looking for a good authentic experience?  Are you a Christian that really wants to grow in your faith?  We have an excellent two month program for you!! In in this, and following years we will be inviting young people from across South Africa and across the world to come and join us here at HIS House in George.

What can you expect in this Gap season? Basically three things, firstly


We are based in the Garden Route, we are surrounded by lovely mountains and beaches, we do many adventurous things.  HIS House is an adventure centre and we would like to invite you to come and join us.

The second thing you can expect here in this Gap season program is:


We work with a local missions organisation, called Ethnos.  They do an excellent program that will grow your character, build your faith and make you a better disciple of Jesus Christ.

The third thing you can expect is HIS House is a

House of Prayer

We put a big focus on worship and on prayer.  If you are a worshipper, if you are an intercessor or if you want to learn about those things, come and join us. We do prayer watches, we pray, we worship, we grow, and if you are young and energetic this is the place to be. I want to invite you, come join us.  Do not miss this opportunity.  Register below!

Download the PDF registration form here

Applications and corresponding documentation needs to be emailed to